Grady proposed to Janet on August 26th, 1998 at The Quiet Woman, corner booth next to the kitchen window. Janet asked me why I chose The Quiet Woman for the proposal? I told her it would be appropriate because I wanted her to lose her head and say YES. :)

Louise & Richard got engaged at The Quiet Woman in November 1984. They got married on August 10th, 1985 and have been coming back ever since. They are still happily married and celebrating their 31st anniversary at The Quiet Woman.

Eric and Delores were on the QW softball team and came in every Tuesday after the game. They became a couple and one night Eric approached me and asked for our help setting the stage for his proposal. They were coming in for dinner that evening. He gave me the ring and left the details up to us. We melted chocolate and wrote in chocolate on the rim of a dessert plate, “Will You Marry Me?“ They were sitting on 105, the little booth in the back, and Delores had to know something was up since there were about ten of us crammed into the hall by the garlic bread toaster watching expectantly. The Chocolate Raven was delivered with the proposal on the rim and a sparkling diamond ring sitting on the top of the ice cream wrapped around a raspberry. Delores looked at the plate with a puzzled expression, rotating it while she read, gasped and said “Yes” to wild clapping. The Gastineaus are happily married and still regulars.



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Meeting Your Forever

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