Russ & Linda moved into a cottage on Marguerite, discovered the QW and quickly became regulars, making weekly trips down the street to indulge in comfort food and camaraderie.

Fast forward a few years and Russ dropped to one knee and asked Linda to marry him. They made the engagement announcement to their parents at table 108, their favorite booth. The cherished booth also witnessed the announcement of their pregnancy, marking another unforgettable moment in their journey together.

Russ and Linda arrived some months later with a baby seat and Brittany - their month old daughter. Brittany was brilliant, giving her mom & dad a respite, snoozing peacefully in her car seat underneath the booth. Her parents celebrated as always with a whirlwind of laughter and conversation. After absolutely enjoying dinner amidst clinking glasses and sizzling plates, they paid their check and cheerfully left the Quiet Woman, hand in hand, their hearts full and their bellies even fuller as they walked home.

We were busy, rushing to reset Booth 108 for the next party and just as I pulled out the booth, astonished to find a peacefully sleeping baby on the floor under the table, the front door banged open and a set of panicked parents ran inside to claim their beautiful bundle!

Years passed and Russ, Linda and Brittany moved to Las Vegas but they couldn’t shake the allure of the Quiet Woman, returning a few times each year to reminisce about their unforgettable family faux pas and indulge in the familiar embrace of their favorite restaurant.

Brittany came in one night a few decades later, then in her twenties, to introduce herself, see the booth that became family history and consolidate the legend of the baby left under 108, adding a sprinkle of laughter to the restaurant’s rich tapestry of memories.

The Time a Baby Got Left Under the Table


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